Introducing the New SMSUA Website

Your SMSUA Board is pleased to announce the birth of the new website. In the short off-season, several Board members worked to re-design the website to add more information members were asking for, make it more user friendly, and create a “member’s only” section.

A very warm and deserved “THANK YOU” to Erin Peterson who spearheaded the project and made so much happen with very limited funds.

We hope you find this tool benefits you. If you want something you don’t see, please email us and tell us what you want. We can’t guarantee we’ll get to everything right away, but we’re here to make this a “go-to” tool that members value. So let us know.

To log in as a member, go here and follow the instructions.

If you have difficulty accessing anything, please email Erin.

We’re excited to offer this. Let us know what you think.

Answers to Uniform Questions

The standard uniform for most of the games we umpire is pretty easy to remember: a powder-blue shirt, black belt, gray pants and black shoes. When you’re doing a plate game you’ll also need a blue or gray ball bag. If it’s cold, you can wear the navy blue jacket.

Here are some common questions about uniforms:

Do I have to wear a t-shirt under my uniform? What color should it be?
You do not have to wear a t-shirt under your uniform. If you do wear a t-shirt, wear white under the powder blue shirt and navy under the navy shirt.

Can I wear the long-sleeve uniform even if my partner is wearing short sleeves?

If my partner is wearing a jacket do I have to wear a jacket?

If my partner is wearing a navy blue shirt can I wear my powder blue shirt?
No. You must be dressed in the same color uniform. Powder blue is the default uniform, so if you can’t decide, go with powder.

Can I wear a white t-shirt under my navy blue shirt?
No. You must wear a navy blue t-shirt under the navy blue uniform.

Can I wear my shin guards over my pants?
No. That just looks silly.

Can I umpire in shorts?
Yes you can umpire in shorts – for SLOW PITCH only. Shorts must be navy or heather gray.

Does it matter what color ball bag I wear?
No. You can wear a navy or gray ball bag.

Will I have to buy navy pants?
The standard uniform for SMSUA is gray pants so we will not require you to buy navy. Some umpire organizations use navy pants as the standard uniform and if you travel to those organizations you may need to purchase navy pants.