Get Regional Clinic Presentations

ASA Region 15 Clinicians – Wild Bill Silves, Kevin Ryan, Malcolm Boyles, Bob Stanton, Brian Van Os, Lori Bish

What an amazing learning experience!

Thank you to all of the fantastic clinicians who gave so much of their time and expertise to help make all of us in Region 15 better umpires.

Nearly 250 umpires gathered for a great weekend of learning, building relationships and having some great fun. The head umpires from ASA in the United States, Softball Canada, and the International Softball Federation engaged everyone with their expert knowledge and creativity.

The Canadian’s sing for the Clinic – Thanks for being here!

We are especially thankful to the great contingent of umpires from up north who treated us to a rousing rendition of their National Anthem as well as sharing their thoughtful expertise and fun!

We’re working on a complete Clinic update, but until then here is access to some of the presentations:

Playing Rule Changes
Balance in Umpiring
Name That Game
Train the Trainers
ASA Evaluations
Batting Out of Order

Thank you to all Clinicians, all staff who helped make this so successful and especially to ALL THE WOMEN AND MEN IN BLUE who attended.


School Ball Rules Changes Here

All high school and middle school games are governed by the National Federation of High Schools (NFHS) Rules. Although there aren’t many significant changes to the rules or mechanics this year, Gerald St.Clair went through some of the more significant changes for the members at the February 6 meeting.

If you missed that meeting, or want to refresh what you learned there, check out this slideshow that includes all of Gerald’s slides.

If we can help you with more or better training tools, please let us know.


Congratulations to Our Two New ASA Elite Umpires

Tom Henderson Receives his ASA Elite

Congratulations to Tom Henderson and Troy Fields for earning their ASA fast pitch Elite Umpire Award.

The ASA Elite Umpire Award is the highest recognition for ASA umpires and is the first step towards earning International Softball Federation (ISF) certification. To become an ASA Elite Umpire each umpire must be selected to work two major tournaments (Men’s, Women’s, or 18 Gold) and earn an ASA “Excellent” evaluation in each of those tournaments.

Troy Fields Receives his ASA Elite

Only a very small number of all umpires ever earn their ASA Elite Award.

We’re proud to have two new ASA Elite Umpires here with SMSUA. Give them a handshake or a hug next time you see them.

Are You Coming to the Clinic?

Over 150 blues will descend on Kent Meridian High School February 11 and 12 to learn from the very best umpire minds in the world.

Umpires are coming from Canada and Oregon and Idaho and Montana. ASA Supervisor of Umpires, Kevin Ryan, is coming from North Carolina. Softball Canada’s National Director of Umpires, Brian Van Os, is coming from, well, Canada.  Our own Malcolm Boyles and Wild Bill will be there. Will you?

There’s still time to sign up and reserve your spot. Learn from the best, meet umpires from all over the region, hang out and have some fun in and around the hospitality room. Check out all the info in the flyer then contact Erin Peterson to sign up. Be the Blue you want to be this year and make the commitment to attend the clinic.