2013 Message From “Wild Bill”


Commitment, Loyalty, Integrity and Passion

“Wild Bill” Silves :  Umpire in Chief Region 15

Region 15 Umpires


Well, it’s the end of the year and what a year it has been for the umpires in region 15. This year I have looked at a lot of E Val’s. You stepped up and did a great job! A lot of young umpires got a chance to go to their first national and did the job. Thank You, it shows we have a lot of good umpires in Region 15 and they have been trained right. To the staff of all the associations, great job this year. Now we have to find more young umpires that will be better than the last ones. We were lucky to send over 150 umpires to National tournaments from Argentina to Oregon and California to Virginia and Mississippi. We sent umpires to World tournaments from Argentina and 2 of our Elite slow pitch umpires to the Canadian National slow pitch championship. We had umpires working nationals that were 15 years old and 67 years young at the same tournament and both did a great job. We had one umpire get ISF certified. And he was the only one in the U.S. We were on both coasts umpiring. We have new friends all over the U.S. I hope all of you had a great time.

 We worked League games, State tournaments, & National Qualifiers. A lot of you Umpires worked Special Olympic and Wounded Warrior games for nothing but the good feeling you got! Thank You! That’s what makes ASA special.  I do think Region 15 is one of the best regions in ASA and I am lucky to be part of it.

 Now rest up in the off season because next year will be better. We have the Region Clinic in Spokane in March.( info to be coming) Something new here for the Slow Pitch people, Region 15 is putting the final touches  on the National Slow Pitch Camp that will be in Oregon, I think June 6/7/8, we should have something out in the next two weeks. We are cutting the cost to about $200.00 and are hoping for 30 umpires from around the country. With so many places for slow pitch umpires to go to we need better training and we want Region 15 to lead the way. Don Alexander said they will do it first class. Let’s talk to our umpires and show the slow pitch people we have something special here.  I will be going to our National Council meeting in OKC in Nov. Maybe no rule changes this year, let’s hope. 

Wild Bill Region 15 UIC