Take 3 Steps!

take 3 steps

It’s a simple challenge: TAKE THREE STEPS into the infield when you are working behind the plate. PERIOD.  Umpires – this isn’t hard, but too many of us aren’t doing it – and our customers are noticing.
The number one gripe I hear from every league is:
“The umpires NEVER move out from behind home plate.”
Umpires: We need to change this. So here is your challenge: TAKE THREE STEPS. Take at least three steps INTO THE INFIELD to make calls at first, second and third base.
SLOW PITCH and JV HIGH SCHOOL UMPIRES  – you are working 1-umpire mechanics. You have to make calls at ALL THE BASES. The absolute WORST place to make a call at 1st, 2nd, or 3rd base is behind home plate. It’s BAD, NO GOOD, DON’T EVER STAND THERE (unless there is a runner at third coming home).
This is serious business. Getting out from behind home plate should be standard procedure for all umpires so I’ve developed a plan to help us all remember how to do this.

Umpires, Your UIC is full of warm fuzzy “thank yous” to give out. She’s happiest when she’s bragging about how absolutely wonderful you are and how she had absolutely NOTHING to do with it.

But she also cares enough about the leagues we serve and the quality of umpires we put out there to make a serious commitment to quality when it’s needed. It’s needed now. Please.TAKE THREE STEPS into the infield to make your calls.

Kayleen Dunson
Seattle ASA Umpire In Chief