Taking Advantage of Training

A big shout out to all the Blues who have taken advantage of opportunities to improve their skills through camps and clinics this spring. These events have included but are not exclusive to the Jack Reynolds 3 man evaluation weekend, Slow Pitch Advanced Camp and the SMSUA 3 umpire training sessions.

Slow pitch advanced camp was a great success with the following SMSUA umpires in attendance. Graig Bolton, Russ Cantonwine, Tim Coffey, Kayleen Dunson, Max Escalante, Bill Foreman (won his registration fee at last year’s Banquet!), Josh Francis, Kris Mack, Lou McCaffery, Rich Schultz, Kerry Steichen, CJ Webb, and Sean Wells. Any umpires with questions on slow pitch umpiring I’m sure that any of these umpires will be happy to answer them.

Did you know that we have all kinds of training information on the website as well? You can log in then go to the training and mechanics page to view great presentations on two umpire mechanics, three umpire mechanics, angles/distances, line up  management and much more. Plus! If there is something you want access to that is not on there please let us know and we will do our best to get the information to you.

2014 slow pitch camp