Fifteen Blues (and a son) Plunge on Jan 1, 2015

Calling em OUT before Plunging IN

Calling em OUT before Plunging IN

It was colder outside – 32 degrees – than it was in the water – 50 degrees. The sun was bright, the air was still, and the Seattle Blues rocked the Beach for the 2nd Annual Polar Bear Plunge into Puget Sound on Alki Beach.

Check out the video here.

Malcolm Boyles, Mike Cavanaugh, Steve Choi, Charles Coburn, Kayleen Dunson, Jerry Forkner, Mike Katz, Bob Lewis, Kris Mack, Wayne McDonald, Tim Murphy, Mike Sepe (and son Derek), Sean Wells and Craig Williams held hands as they plunged together into the sound.

Wild Bill Silves heard there was a party so he showed up to watch in his bright orange mittens!

Wild Bill's Bright Orange Mittens

Wild Bill’s Bright Orange Mittens

Friendship. Family. Fun.

And a great free publicity opportunity to help recruit umpires. Thank you Jerry Forkner for bringing that beautiful American Flag (and that small bottle of “cheer”) and thank you West Seattle Blog and West Seattle Herald for your excellent coverage – with photos and video! And professional sports photographer Dale Garvey was there and he has graciously provided a link with free downloads for his amazing photos.

Check out the West Seattle Blog Articles – Pre-Dunk and Post-Dunk and the article in West Seattle HeraldĀ  here.

After the plunge there was hot cocoa (with added “cheer”), changing into warmer clothes, and a great time to just hang out with fellow umpires.

One of the dunkers texted later in the day, “I had a blast today. Seriously, you make me really enjoy not only being an umpire, but being an SMSUA umpire.”

Friendship. Family. Fun.

Here’s to more of this in 2015!