2019 WOA/WIAA Certified Official Requirements

The clinics, test and background check are now available on ArbiterSports for all WOA registered officials.  You must complete all the “2018-19 Certified Softball” requirements – the WOA Clinic, WOA-NASO Clinic, the Softball Clinic, Concussion Management (if due), the Background-Check-Consent and the Softball test. 

When you log into ArbiterSports and go to the Central Hub, right below the “Home” tab you can click on “Eligibility Center” and that will take you to the page indicating the requirements you must fulfill for the “2018-19 Certified Softball” – 6 requirements.  

Here is the link to the study guide for the softball test: 


All requirements MUST be met before you are able to work any high school assignments.