Welcome to our new UIC!


It is with great pleasure that I announce the appointment of Kayleen Dunson as Seattle Tacoma ASA Umpire-In-Chief effective September 4, 2012. Kayleen has not only proven herself as an outstanding umpire on the field but equally as important off the field as well. Kayleen has umpired in five ASA National Championships, attended two National Umpire Schools and an ASA advanced camp. She has served on the SMSUA Board since 2005 with the last two years as vice president. Her passion for the game and desire to train all umpires makes her an exciting choice for all of us. Please join me in congratulating Kayleen.

Kayleen replaces Lori Bish who has done an outstanding job over the last three years. Lori has provided many opportunities for umpires to attend national tournaments and has strengthened our exchange program. Please join me in thanking Lori for her time and job well done over the last three years.

Mike Rabin
Seattle Tacoma Commissioner 

Please join us in congratulating Kayleen and sending out a huge thank you to Lori!


Who decides when it’s safe to play.

Please check the rainout line prior to your game, our assigners will update it as soon as any decisions have been made.

Slow Pitch Leagues

The city parks will decide prior to game time if the fields will be open or closed.  The umpire has the responsibility to determine if the field conditions are safe before and during the game, and can end the game when they feel it is no longer safe to play.  Once a field is deemed unplayable all remaining games on that field are also cancelled.


School Games

The home team coach determines if the field conditions are safe before the game starts. Once the game begins that responsibility shifts to the plate umpire. If you re playing a double header, the umpires determine if it is safe to start the second game.


College Games

The specified on site administrator determines if the field conditions are safe prior to the start of the game. Once the game begins that responsibility shifts to the plate umpire. If playing a double header, the plate umpire from the first game determines if the field is playable prior to the start of the second game.


JO Games

When working tournament games the tournament director determines field conditions to start the tournament and throughout the day. The umpires on individual fields decide during games if their fields are playable.


Please make your decisions to continue playing for the safety of the players. If you do call a game please let the assigners know as soon as you can.



Congratulations to Our Two New ASA Elite Umpires

Tom Henderson Receives his ASA Elite

Congratulations to Tom Henderson and Troy Fields for earning their ASA fast pitch Elite Umpire Award.

The ASA Elite Umpire Award is the highest recognition for ASA umpires and is the first step towards earning International Softball Federation (ISF) certification. To become an ASA Elite Umpire each umpire must be selected to work two major tournaments (Men’s, Women’s, or 18 Gold) and earn an ASA “Excellent” evaluation in each of those tournaments.

Troy Fields Receives his ASA Elite

Only a very small number of all umpires ever earn their ASA Elite Award.

We’re proud to have two new ASA Elite Umpires here with SMSUA. Give them a handshake or a hug next time you see them.