Welcome to Seattle Metro Softball Umpires Association

We are nearly 200 women and men who are proud to umpire all levels of softball games in the greater Seattle area.

Every year umpires in our association work:

    • 150 college-level games
    • 1,000 high school and middle school fast pitch games
    • 6,000 slow pitch USA Softball games
    • 1,800 youth fast pitch USA Softball games


We take great pride in the excellence of our free training programs for all our members, the professionalism and experience of our Board and assignors, and the dedication of each of our umpires to the game of softball and all those who play.

The Blues of SMSUA enjoy flexible hours, good pay, free training, and a professional staff. Most important, our Blues enjoy the strong bonds of friendship and fun.

Please visit the New Member Page for more information on how to join.