Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to become an ASA umpire. 

  • Contact us to let us know you are interested in becoming an umpire. You will receive a welcome note with information about our training program.
  • Attend the training sessions (see the calendar for more information). These are classroom, gym, and field training sessions designed to get you ready to umpire. The training is free to you.
  • Pay your annual ASA/SMSUA membership fee. You can pay this at any training session or any general membership meeting.
  • Sign our online  Association Member Services Agreement.
  • Fill out an ASA background check form. You will need to submit it with a copy of your driver’s license at a training or general membership meeting.
  • Attend the General Membership meetings. These are held once a month from January to April and offer essential updates to rules and mechanics as well as a chance to meet and mingle with all the association umpires. Check out the upcoming events/calendar to find the time and location of the next meeting.
  • Upon completing the training, you will get information about how to log into our assignment system. Once you fill out all required information on Arbiter, including your availability, we will let the assigners know that you are ready to work games.
  • Get your uniform and equipment. See our uniform section for more information.
  • Working high school games have additional requirements, be sure to ask your training staff what else you will need to do to get on a high school field.
  • Get out on the field and umpire some games!